ATLIN’s approach to organisational change focuses on the end-to-end solution for business transformation. We make change visible, fit for purpose, measurable and tailored to our customer’s culture to ensure the change initiatives are realised.

Our team of Change Specialists are professional practitioners skilled in multiple industry best practice Change Management methodologies, including People-Centred Implementation (PCI®), the Prosci ADKAR® Model and the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK).

The implementation of any new organisational-wide integrated IT solution will impact business processes and the way people perform their job. People respond to change differently. Change can be uncomfortable and result in a feeling of loss of control and competence.

At ATLIN we work with our customers to learn and understand their oranisation’s unique nuances. In tailoring our Change Framework and Approach to support their people through the change, this reduces their discomfort. Planning and organising are required for the interests of people, relevant to the intended changes.